“The best compliment we get is when our customers refer their friends and family. Our Company has continued to grow because of it and for that we thank you!”

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Trapline Pest Solutions is a state-licensed pest control company located in Orlando, Florida. We provide services in general household pest control, rodent inspections, rodent removal, termite, and nuisance wildlife removal.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff work hard to remain Central Florida’s finest pest control company. We meet this goal every day through our commitment to customer service and our dedication to continuing education in the latest and safest pest control and nuisance wildlife control methods and techniques available to date.

We are committed to doing the job right the first time by providing our customers with the safest and most cost-effective methods of treatment in resolving any insect and nuisance wildlife problem.

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Giovanny Veloz
Wayne was very professional and helpful. His customer service is the reason we will continue to use this company.
Cali Davenport
Highly recommend trapline pest solutions. Wayne was super helpful in inspecting our roof space to ensure there was no raccoon or babies. He also offered great advice on how to prevent future animal break ins. Really appreciate businesses like trapline that are courteous, knowledgeable and professional.
Sharon McBreen
After a renovation left my home open to critters, Trapline responded quickly and took care of the problem immediately. They thoroughly sealed off any entry points and came back several times to check. Wayne and his team provide stellar service, and I would highly recommend Trapline!
Rick Tayloe
We are very fortunate--our regular pest control company connected us with Wayne and Trapline. He is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful people in this business and we have sought his guidance and services on several occasions with excellent results and outcomes. His local knowledge of the "pests" impacting Central Florida homes and businesses is unsurpassed and Wayne and Trapline will continue to be part of the pros we've chosen to work with as we care for our home and keep it "pest" free. Thanks Wayne ! ! !
Becky Distad
Dedicated, honest, reliable, kind and professional service! I highly recommend Trapline Pest Solutions to everyone. Wayne found a solution to an ongoing issue which other companies were unable to solve. What a blessing to have found Trapline Pest Solutions!
Patricia Campbell
Orlando Residents I am here to tell you that Trapline Pest Control is the VERY BEST!! Wayne the Owner is Honest, Courteous, Patient!! Such a nice guy and knows his stuff!! I had a million questions and would call, text before his scheduled arrival. He would always answer my same questions over with such patience.. Geez so when he arrived I started asking again, and told him sorry for repeating ..Wayne would reply “ it’s ok ask all the questions you would like it’s important that you understand “.. He came Highly recommended by several neighbors and even my Tree Company.. Such a Professional Gentleman and I sincerely appreciate your Company.. Do not waste your time, money, questions on another company.. I promise you will not be disappointed.. plus you will have to call him if you decide on another company..?
Janet Chapin
Christian Gil was VERY professional and outstanding. I just moved here from Ohio. He was very kind to explain how I can do my part keep pests away. Awesome Job!
Brooke Donth
had some holes in my yard, called him up. He came out on time, instantly new the problem and gave me advice on various solutions. Already gave their info to coworkers - will be calling him again I’m sure!

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