Common Household Pest: The Plaster Bagworm

Have you ever went to your clothes closet and pulled out your favorite shirt only to find holes embedded in it? One of the culprits responsible for such an offence is from one of the common household fabric pests, the plaster bagworm. The plaster bagworm is a very close relative to the clothes moth. They are approximately half of an inch long and they are made of sand, silk fiber and miscellaneous debris. The opening towards the end allow for the larvae to move freely and eat. They eat wool, larval cases that have been discarded, spiderwebs, dead insects, insect parts and fragments, human and animal hairs and bird feathers. They also feed on and damages carpets, rugs, fabrics made of natural fibers and clothing.

Life Cycle

The plaster bagworm in it’s larval stage, has three (3) set of legs as well as false legs. There are some that believe that the real legs help it walk on floors, while the false legs that have hooks on the ends allow it to walk inside its protective case. Eventually, the plaster bagworm becomes a moth. The mature bagworm caterpillar is approximately a quarter of an inch long, having a white body and a brown head.


Keeping your house clean, maintaining a cool and dry temperature throughout your home, removing spiderwebs, sweeping and vacuuming up any eggs, larvae and casings that you may find are great ways to keeping them at bay. They can be found under desks, chairs, bookcases, closets and on the edges of walls. The plaster bagworms are controlled in the same way as the clothes moths.

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