Don’t Get Bugged Out By Bed Bugs!

Beds bugs are nocturnal insects that feed only on blood. Their bites are typically painless and can go undetected. Bed bug bites can be found on the face, neck, arms or hands and may look like a flea bite. Some people may show an immediate response to a bed bug bite. A large oval or oblong inflamed spot or swelling called a wheal may develop as a result of an allergic reaction. Followed by intense itching and inflammation at the site.

Their bites may be in rows or in straight lines and are usually along the edge of a bed sheet or an article of clothing that was lying against their human host’s skin at the time of feeding.  They leave traces of exoskeleton and excrement along floorboards, furniture seams and drawers, bed bugs can be assumed by a few staple signs of infestation. These signs along with small rust like blood spots and unusual bite patterns on the skin are all indications of an infestation. Most people, however, do not realize they have a problem until there is an overwhelming colony, as the insects are so small and do not jump or fly.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are found to live in clusters and loose groups. Although they prefer humans, they will readily feed on rodents, birds, and mammals. They have been found to inhabit cracks, crevices or seams associated with headboards, bed frames, mattresses, and box springs. Other common sites of bed bug infestations have been found in dressers, nightstands, wall voids, wall-mounted pictures, mirrors, curtains, and outlet covers. Although they are known to be most active at night, they will seek blood meals under subdued lighting during daylight hours

For some people, it can take up to two (2) weeks for a reaction. This is because bed bugs tend to feed in the night hours while we sleep, on exposed areas such as the arms, shoulders, face, and neck. Checking primarily the edges of your bed and the bed’s seams would provide a better idea as to whether or not you may have a bed bug infestation.

A bed full of insects.
Mattress with bed bugs

Bed bug infestations pose a threat to many homes and businesses worldwide, their presence is undoubtedly the most universally detested of the various domesticated insects that have become unwelcome guests.

If you think your home or business is harboring these little pests, all hope is not lost. Although seemingly impossible to eradicate, our team of highly knowledgeable, experienced and certified technicians will be able to confirm an infestation and develop a tailor-made plan of extermination so that you can sleep tight without the bed bug bite.

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