Rat in a rusty pan on top of some forks.

How to Tell The Difference Between A Rat And A Mouse

It is important to be able to determine the difference between a mouse and a rat as treatment methods vary. They both vary in size, color and appearance. Mice are between 6-7 inches (15 to 18 centimeters). Some mice are white, brown or gray in color. Their tales are long, thin and hairy and they have large floppy ears. Their eyes are large in comparison to their face and they have a triangularly shaped snout with long whiskers. They are very timid, social and territorial in nature and produce over forty (40) droppings a day. They are also very curious so setting a trap for their capture would just require that you place a set trap in areas where there is evidence of a mouse presence such as droppings, tracks and gnawing marks.

On the other hand, rats are medium to large in size. Their size can range from 12 to 18 inches (30 to 40 centimeters). Rats are white, gray, brown, reddish-brown or black in color. They tend to leave smudge marks on touched surfaces due to their body oil, urine, and feces. Their snout is blunter, their tails are long, hairless and scaly.  Their eyes are smaller and beady. They are also more cautious than a mouse. Rats tend to avoid anything new in their path until they get used to them being there. Therefore, when setting a trap for a rat, you would need to place unset traps in areas that show evidence of rat presence such as droppings, tracks, runways, gnawing marks, and burrows. The unset traps should be placed in these areas for a couple of days. This will give the rat the opportunity to get used to seeing the trap there. After a few days, the trap can then be set for its capture.

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