Rat Trapping & Removal 101

Many people often ask how to get rid of rats fast. Although there are various options available, finding the right solution on how to effectively remove them from your home or office permanently is key. To do so, requires an integrated pest management strategy. They include removing harborages such as garbage, overgrown landscapes, wood piles as well as a thorough inspection of the home or office for entry points both on the roof, the ground level and by performing the necessary repairs to prevent new rats from getting inside.

Bird Feeder

There a few things that come to mind that are attractants to rats and other rodents; bird feeders make the top of that list as well as pet food being left outside overnight. All rodent populations are governed by the food sources, if the food supply is slim, fewer rodents make it during that particular season. When we provide a year round food supply, through bird feeders, pet food, garbage etc. this allows for more rodents to reach adulthood through the bounty of food available which produces larger litters which increases the population. It is important to note that removing anything that may attract rats is a crucial step in having a rodent free environment.

Squirrel near bird feeder

Another option that is available for rat removal is through the use of tamper proof rodent bait stations. Bait stations are very effective. Unlike mouse traps that only catch one at a time, bait stations work as long as there is enough bait for the rodents. They are most often used to bait for rats outside of homes, warehouses, commercial sites and indoor sites. Rodent bait stations keep non-target species, including children, pets, livestock, and other wildlife away from toxic bait.

Rodenticides are a common and quick way to get rid of rats fast. When rodenticides are used, you have no control of where the rats will die, thus causing an unpleasant smell and massive fly issues of the carcass that cannot be located for removal. A better option would be to set the proper traps specific to rats therefore, allowing you to dispose of carcasses and reset the traps as needed. Identifying the entry points and properly repairing and sealing the entry points with the right material will ensure that your home or office stay rodent free.

Roof Rat

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