How to get rid of bats?

You can keep bats out by bat proofing your home or office with exclusion devices that allow bats to safely exit a structure without being able to gain reentry. Any points of entry are to be sealed to keep bats from getting access back in. It is against the law in Florida to kill or […]

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How can bats get back in?

If points of entry were not properly identified and addressed, they can gain access back in. Bats can also gain access through any holes and openings such as open windows, doors, loose flashings, moldings, chimney, and soffit.

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Bat removal service cost?

The cost associated with bat removal depends on various factors (ex: severity of the infestation, location of the bats, does the structure have a tile or shingle roof etc.) For an accurate quote for services, a thorough inspection of the structure would be required by a certified and licensed bat removal specialist.

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The ideal time to exclude bats from your home or office according to The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is between August 15 and April 15 waiting until the fall season, protects the bat’s population by keeping them undisturbed while they give birth, raise their young, allow for their young called pups to […]

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