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Florida is home to various cockroach species. The kind of cockroaches that are commonly found in and around homes and offices are the American Cockroach, Smoky Brown Cockroach, German Cockroach, and the Brownbanded Cockroach. The German and Brownbanded are the smallest cockroaches and are similar in size. The larger cockroaches that are often found outdoors are the American, Australian, Brown, and the Smokybrown cockroaches. They are often called Palmetto bugs. Although they are usually found outdoors, they can become a problem indoors when they migrate in and are carried indoors. Outdoor roaches do not survive well indoors. Another type of outdoor cockroach that is oftentimes, seen indoors is the Surinam Cockroach. Oftentimes, just the removal of these cockroaches is usually the course of action taken to control the problem.

Being able to identify the species of cockroach that is causing problems in your home or office is key in determining the correct course of action and treatment. Cockroaches thrive in dark, warm and humid conditions. They usually hide in sheltered places, during daylight hours and come out to feed at night. They are often found in kitchen and bathroom sinks, in cracks and crevices, around or underneath cabinets, cupboards, around conduits and pipes, behind windows, door frames, baseboards that are loose, under tables, chairs, potted plants, TV’s, radios, and appliances.

Cockroaches carry many diseases and bacteria that can make people sick. They can contaminate your food with their waste and saliva which can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and staphylococcal infections. Many people also develop respiratory issues due to the parts of the body that they shed similar to dust mites. These parts of the roach contain an allergen or specific protein that can cause allergies and trigger an allergic reaction and asthma symptoms.

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Here are a few helpful tips that you can do to prevent a roach infestation. Inspect all bags and boxes of food, fill in cracks and crevices, keep door and window screens in good condition, keep the patio and garage doors closed. Keeping your area clean at all times is a good way to keep roaches away by taking away their food supply. Make sure to store food in tight containers, and clean up any spills ex: milk, juice, cereal, flour, etc. on tables, and countertops. Keeping your cupboard and food pantry free of dry materials will also help aid in controlling a roach infestation.

Do not leave any food residue on tables or in the kitchen sink overnight, sweep up any food or crumbs from the floor, do not leave pet food out, store all food in a tightly sealed container, garbage should be stored in a tightly sealed garbage can and check to see if you have any water leaks. If you do it is recommended that you contact a plumber to help fix the water leak as this too is an attractant for cockroaches.

Following these simple steps can help prevent a roach infestation. We at Trapline Pest Solutions can help you control your cockroach problem. If after trying the recommended steps your still experiencing problems, feel free to give us a call. We provide services throughout Central Florida. We can help identify the type of infestation and create a treatment plan to help control and resolve your pest issue. Let’s send these guys packing and give Trapline Pest Solutions a call today!

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