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Tips on Keeping Your Home or Office Rodent-Free

It doesn’t take much for a Rodent to gain access into your home or office. Small rodents can gain access through a hole as small as one half of an inch. Rodents that are a little bigger can continue to chew through a hole of that size to make a bigger hole to gain access. To avoid making your home or office a target for rodent infestation and make it rodent-free, there are a few things you can do to minimize or even eliminate an infestation.

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Keeping your home or office clean and organized with no food sources or shelter available is an effective method in keeping a rodent infestation at bay. Rodents can cause an expensive and enormous amount of damage including but not limited to pipes, water lines, dishwashers, insulation, roof, garage doors, attics, walls, baseboards, utensils, food, and they can also spread disease.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your home or office rodent-free:

  • Never leave dishes in the sink for long periods of time as this would provide food and water for the rodents.
  • Clean up any food crumbs left on the floor, counters, stoves etc.
  • Never leave food out exposed on the kitchen table, counters, stoves, desks, chairs, night stands (ex: fruit bowls, candy, beverages, bread as the rodents can feed off of these items and chew through plastic gaining access to these foods). Any food kept out should be stored in a tightly sealed glass or metal container.
  • Take the trash out daily place them in a tightly sealed container, doing so will deter rodents from gaining access and would limit the smell of the trash from leaving the container.
  • Trim tree branches, shrubs and bushes as this will keep rodents from climbing and jumping onto your roof and gaining access into your home or office and into the attic.
  • Never leave any pet food or water bowls out, after feeding your pet, store pet food in a tightly sealed metal or glass container and empty out the water bowl.
  • Remove any sources of shelter and moisture such as water bowls, heaps of branches, leaves or logs, do not store firewood up against your home or office as this can provide shelter.
  • Keep your home or office rodent-free by cleaning the gutters regularly.
  • Don’t allow for your landscape to overgrow as this will also provide shelter.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home or office to determine any points of entry. Once points of entry have been identified, seal the holes to keep them from gaining access.

Following these simple steps can help ensure that your home or office remain rodent-free. If after following these steps, you are still encountering problems, feel free to give us a call so that we can schedule an appointment to come out and perform an inspection of your home or office. We will be glad to help assist you in resolving your problem!

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