Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animal removal can be a daunting task. When an animal has died it goes through a decaying process for several days and it is during this process that one might discover a strong and pungent odor along with maggots and flies in a certain area of the home or office.

Hole in the wall with a dead animal inside.

There are also situations where a dead animal has died in an inaccessible area and cannot be reached. However, If the dead animal is located within a wall, the technician may with the customer’s consent cut a hole in the wall in order to gain access to the dead animal and remove it. After the removal, be sure to ask us about our deodorizing and damage repair services.

Image of a dead animal out of a wall.
Trapline professional in a tight space finding a dead animal.

Signs that you may have a dead animal in your wall or attic can include staining on the wall or attic, pungent odor, flies, and/or maggots. We can help locate and remove the dead animal just give our office a call to schedule an appointment.

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