Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal

Trapline Pest Solutions located in Orlando, Florida is Central Florida’s most trusted rodent control and removal company since 2005. We specialize in the humane and safe removal of rodents.

Rat in a rusty pan on top of some forks.
Image of a squirrel on a dumpster.

Repair and Prevent

Rodents can cause damage to your home by chewing on electrical cords and pipes, contaminating your insulation with feces, urine and nesting material, damaging tile roofs, shingles, walls, and soffits. Because of this, we also offer damage repair services. Once a rodent has been properly removed, animal proofing may be required to prevent future occurrences.

We stand by our work in sealing up all accessible entry points. Our animal proofing services come with a guarantee against re-entry through our repairs. Trapline is a fully licensed and insured nuisance rodent control and removal company.

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